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The Cricket Nautical emerged from the collaborative efforts of three experts who combined their knowledge and experience. Working alongside Manufacture Vulcain, they crafted the inaugural diver's watch. This timepiece not only boasted a built-in system for calculating dive times but also sounded a genuine alarm to signal divers, "time to resurface!" – all within a sleek design resistant to depths of 300 meters. The trio comprised Hannes Keller, a Swiss physicist, mathematician, and diving pioneer; Max-Yves Brandily, an explorer and filmmaker; and Arthur Droz, a certified diving instructor and representative of the C.I.A.S (Center for Underwater Investigations and Activities).

Vulcain wishes to honor the memory of Hannes Keller, who passed away on December 25, 2022. On November 3, 1966, in Toulon, France, Keller descended to a depth of nearly 250 meters wearing a Cricket Nautical on his wrist. This remarkable feat was witnessed and validated by none other than Jacques Cousteau, already a legendary figure at the time.


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