Royal Officer

by Angelo del Mare

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We are proud to present the Royal Officer “CC Edition” by Angelo del Mare. Unlike most Limited edition watches, this CC Edition is a world first. Angelo Del Mare timepieces have been handcrafted and engineered by master watchmakers in Angelo Del Mare’s workshops in Switzerland, where the tradition of Swiss watchmaking is upheld according to the highest standards of Swiss craftsmanship. Every Angelo Del Mare watch and movement is individually numbered and documented in our factory archives.

Angelo Del Mare timepieces reflect a deep commitment to the art of horology, integrating the beauty, prestige and accuracy of a complex movement, manufactured according to the strict code of Swiss watchmaking, with innovative design.

  • Units: 30
  • Shipping: June 2019



The origins

The Angelo del Mare – Royal Officer “CC Edition” is a nostalgic “look back” at the first diver watches from the 50’s but with todays modern proportions.


Up to date

The Royal Officer “CC Edition” has grown to 45mm in diameter when most early pioneering divers where approximately 34mm wide. Needless to say that the waterproofing performance has also been considerably improved since.



As with all bronze watches, the Royal Officer will gain over time a patina unique to every owner.


Time will tell...

Every Royal Officer will be unique in character due to its owner’s chemistry and lifestyle. Bronze reacts in a very unique way depending on the environment it is subjected to.

Only 30 units of the Royal Officer Collectors Edition have been made…