by Ball Watch Co.

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Founded in 1894 by Webb C. Ball, Ball Watch Co. has contributed more than any other in creating the performance and accuracy requirements for railroad watches. Mr. Webb C. Ball's work in crafting the most precise timepieces and instituting an inspection system was imperative and extraordinary. It not only improved railroad operations, it was an essential part of timekeeping’s foundation. With this heritage, BALL is continuing its role today as a key protagonist in the evolution of watchmaking history.

Commissioned exclusively for CronotempVs Collectors the "00RED" is a limited edition timepiece concieved in collaboration with Ball Watch Co.

Only 91 units of the “00 Red” will be made. The first batch of "00RED" have been delivered. The next pre-order window for deliveries in March 2023 will open October.

  • Units: 91
  • Shipping: May/June 2023 (last allocation)



Part of history

After a tragic accident in 1891, Great Kipton Train Wreck, Webb C. Ball is appointed Chief Time Inspector for the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway. Three years later, “Ball Watch Co.” was founded to ensure a standard of timing reliability and accuracy to avoid such a tragedy to repeat itself. By 1908, Webb C. Ball was inspecting approximately 180 railroads and regulating more than 1 million railroad watches. Under his direction, train travel was made significantly safer for both the public and railroad employees.


33 Tritium gas tubes

The tritium gas tubes in the 00RED are completely self-powered and 100 times brighter than conventional lume in total darkness. This luminescent technology safely seals pure tritium gas in lightweight mineral glass tubes. The amount of tritium used is considerably low so that its radioactive levels cause no risk to the wearer. This chemical process ensures luminous performance in total prolonged darkness.


Against all odds

904L grade stainless steel is not widely used in the industry due to its increased solidity and difficulty to machine. Due to its additional amounts of chromium, molybdenum, nickel and copper, 904L steel features improved resistance to elements like corrosion, rust and acids. Its unique hardness withstands extreme conditions, while it displays a beautifully high polish and ages exquisitely well.


1,000 Gauss

The Mu-metal shield protects the movement from magnetic disturbances. Mu-metal is an alloy of nickel, iron, copper and molybdenum with very high magnetic permeability, enabling it to attract and deviate static or low-frequency magnetic field lines and ensuring anti-magnetic properties far superior to the ones of the soft iron usually employed in watchmaking. The use of mu-metal is a genuine industrial feat, capable of protecting a mechanical watch against magnetic fields up to an astonishing intensity of 1,000 Gauss.


5,000 Gs

Every BALL watch undergoes rigorous testing for impact resistance up to 5,000Gs. The crown, crystal and 9 o’clock position of the case are hit with a pendulum impact-testing machine to ensure impeccable performance according to ISO 1413, but also BALL’s stringent standards.



The RR1102-C calibre that beats inside the 00RED is COSC certified to guarantee an average daily rate of -4/+6 seconds accuracy. The COSC certificate is a Swiss horological standard since 1973 and is still considered a reference for many watch brands all over the world.

Only 91 units of the “00RED” will be made. Sales and deliveries will be made in various stages from late 2022 until mid 2023 depending on production and availability.