Silver Spur


9.600,00 € (vat excl.)

All of Laine’s creations are handmade and decorated at his atelier in Le Locle. The first watch to see the light from this workshop is the Classic Chronograph. This timepiece boasts a half century old Valjoux movement that was completely reworked, modified and hand finished. Not forgetting that those vintage Valjoux movements where in use by the most prestigious watch brands of that era and those being valued as one of the best manual wind mechanical chronographs of all time. To the original movement, Laine adds 38 components, five new bridges and a new clutch system that he made by hand. Although not visible at first glance the “Silver Spur” by Laine is unique in more ways than one.

Commissioned exclusively for CronotempVs Collectors the Silver Spur is a limited production timepiece that will be available to order once a year. The next window for the Silver Spur will open shortly after the current production alocated for this year has been delivered.

  • Units: Limited Production
  • Shipping: September 2024



The passage of time

The passage of time can not only be told in an empirical way but so can the evolution of patina on materials. At the request of several collectors the German silver dial will not be treated with varnish to allow that the passage of time be present on the dial as well.


Handmade finishings

Maybe one of the most noteworthy points in the movement’s finishings are the two bridges in a mirror or “black-polish” finish. This sought after finish is mostly present in very high-end movements.


Uncompromised elegance

Regardless of the traditional aspect of the Silver Spur there is no reason why the visibility under all conditions should be considered as in any contemporary watch design.


New case size

The Silver Spur’s stainless steel case will be available in its traditional 40,5 mm size but also in a new 42,5 mm case, a first to the brand.

A deposit of 50% is required in order to confirm the reservation. The “Silver Spur” is a CronotempVs Collectors commissioned exclusive limited production watch. Delivery of the first production is expected for spring 2022.